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We have all experienced it…when we want to do something but we know it is not best.  There is a gentle, yet strong sense indicating disappointment-or worse, devastating consequences.  I’m talking about that subtle, yet beyond instinct feeling.  That feel or sense we get during choices that span from, “do I have that third donut?” to deciding to continue in a destructive relationship or not.

I call these whispers of God.  Whispers that echo around the circumstances of life. Suddenly there is an urgent sense to restart that Bible study that has been sitting on the shelf for months.  Then the faint echoes begin: a friend mentions the same Bible study at lunch, a song on the radio nudges you again.  And then the sermon on Sunday…..

The whispers are not condemning but loving.  As though the Father is wooing you to walk closer, to do life with Him.  To trust Him and His ways.  How precious when followed.  And if ignored or shrugged off, there is no doubt a blessing has been missed.

Life’s journey can be very difficult.  Sometimes, like Elijah we find ourselves deep in the battle of life.  We experience clear triumphs and victories.  We also experience threats and disappointments, weariness and isolation. And like Elijah, we say, “Enough, I’m done!”  I Kings 19:4

If we are not regularly reading The Bible in the midst of the journey of life, these whispers and echoes can be very confusing.  We can’t discern if “it’s me” or “is this God”?  We chase and stop, chase and stop until we are too weak to continue.  When Elijah hit his point of exhaustion, God sent him an angel.

And God sent an angel to Elijah that said, “Get up and eat. Get up and eat. The journey is too much for you.”  I Kings 19:7

Have you had it?  Are you like Elijah and you are done? Get up and eat, because the journey is too much for you!  Put the phone in the drawer.  Get your Bible out.

Set a timer and discipline yourself to eat some spiritual food.  If you are past the hunger point, sit in the quiet with your Abba Father. Ask Him to make you hungry. Nibble on a Proverb or a Psalm.  It will wake up your appetite.

In Elijah’s pursuit of God, God was not in the strong winds, consuming fire or destructive earthquake.  Those Elijah stood and endured.  But God was in the quiet.  And it was in the quiet that Elijah heard God’s gentle whisper.  And because he ate and was nourished, he not only recognized God’s voice but he had the stamina to follow and obey.

I love this journey of life with God my Father!  He is my companion while I eat donuts or navigate my way through difficult circumstances. The nourishment I receive from His Word helps me hear and discern the whispers of God.

Striving to eat, listen and obey,

Lynn Jackson
Thrive Leadership Foundation