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Immediately a visual image of moving liquid, expanding its space comes to mind! I easily see splashes, droplets and puddles of water, milk, coffee spilling beyond their boundaries.  A splash affects areas close by.  And droplets from a splash reach far beyond expected.  Much like Joy!

I want to be a Joy Splasher!

Scripture tells me that God has uniquely designed me and you.  It also states that God has prepared good works in advance for each of us to tend to.  Are you pursuing and growing in your unique design?  Do you have the sense that you are fulfilling the good works God has prepared in advance for you?

“I cry to God Most High, to God, who fulfills His purpose for me.” Psalm 57:2

PURPOSE: intention, design

How stretching to think God, with His attention and interest has designed us each uniquely, intentionally, strategically for a reason, to fulfill His purpose.

C.S. Lewis’ childhood was bleak after his mother’s death. He spent much of his life looking for joy; much as a lost person on a forest path desperately looking for directional signs. He stated in, Surprised By Joy, the first time he remembers feeling joy.  It was when his brother showed C.S a biscuit tin he made into a miniature garden.  His brother designed the miniature garden from moss, sticks and rocks found in their backyard.

Unknowingly, his brother was a Joy Splasher!  He simply got lost in creating something and it splashed joy into the life of C.S. Lewis.

Recently, I decided to walk up the alley to build a snowman for a friend who is mostly homebound due to chronic pain.  After fighting feelings of, “This is a crazy idea.”  I text her to watch me out the window.  Before I knew it, my husband abandoned digging out the car and came with me.  Then as we were walking, my friend’s grandpa saw us and joined in as well.  It had been 20 years since her Grandpa had built a snowman! Not only my friend but her mom and dad watched out the window with big smiles and waves.  I later learned my friend bundled up and went outside to make her own little snowman!

And it all started with doing something I would enjoy, with someone else in mind.  That little desire that I acted on, splashed into five lives outside of mine.

How are you doing in the space God has placed you?  Are you stuck, allowing your joy to remain dormant or undiscovered because of business, insecurities or discouragement? Any good father takes delight in watching His child enjoy the life they have been given.  Is it any different with our Heavenly Father, who wants even more for us?  And your Father God is at work, all the time. He is fulfilling His purpose for you in the midst of your everyday life.

When was the last time you acted on something that brings you joy?
As you fully live out the life given you, your splashes of joy could serve as stepping stones for others.  Ultimately, these tiny splashes or stepping stones could lead to finding or reawakening complete joy with The Father.

Never underestimate The Unseen One who is carrying out and fulfilling His plans in your life and those around you.

May you be encouraged to follow your passions and desires to overflowing!

And remember, God is at work, fulfilling His purpose for you and those around you!  Your joy, like overflowing and splashing liquid, will reach far beyond what you could ever expect.

Be a Joy Splasher, for His glory!

Lynn Jackson
Thrive Leadership Foundation