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“Miss Lynn, I talk to God but He doesn’t talk to me!” said my 7 year old friend.

So I taped a hand written invitation to his door, inviting him for hot chocolate and a game of checkers on my front porch.  I asked him, “When you read my invitation, who did you think of?  What did you read to know what I wanted?  Was it kind of like me talking to you?”

So it is with God and the Bible.

We want God to talk to us!  We want to hear His voice! The desperation to hear God speak into our lives increases as the difficulties of life pick up momentum.  And when we don’t hear Him, discouragement perhaps bitterness and hopelessness begin to outweigh the desire and fast coming the search to hear God’s voice.

The Bible is full of His words, from His heart to ours.  We learn what pleases God, what angers Him, what disappoints Him, what brings Him delight.  It is His truth, His written Words that reveal His heart, His character and dare I say, His voice.

“Surely, you desire truth in the inner parts, you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.” Psalm 51:6

He talked!  Did you hear Him?  What did you learn about God from that tiny verse?  What did you learn about yourself from that tiny verse?  God is not an unfeeling being.   He has desires.  This tiny verse exposes that God has desires for YOU.  He wants, He desires that you have truth in your heart.  So, I can deduct from this that He wants me to read The Bible.  As The Bible is the purest source of truth that I know.

I also learn that God is very active in our lives.  He teaches us.  Once I put truth in my mind and heart, God will teach me.  He is my tutor in life.  And this verse says He will teach me wisdom.

Wisdom: knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, prudence, or common sense.

He does talk to us!  Just like I talked to my little friend through my hand written invitation.  Stop spinning your wheels that He doesn’t talk to you.  Read His invitation, the Bible.  Listen to what He says and mesh the wisdom He teaches in your heart, that inmost place.  Then you will have the peace, strength and confidence to make your everyday decisions in life.

Lynn Jackson

Thrive Leadership Foundation